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The new walk-through track Air. For ALBIXONBOX, custom made enclosures and SKYTRIUM. For more information please see section Products
International exhibition
ALBIXON unique solution for a swimming pool enclosure on a skyscraper roof-top!
We are preparing extensive modifications
Design change (XL Profiles)
Casablanca Infinity Evo
Tutorial: replacing FXP by PREVA pump
New pool lamp PLW300
Prices - VA Salt Smart
Change in general terms and conditions
Providing photographic documentation in the case of roofing claims
Change - Klasik A
Technological wall 2019
Updated manuals - Klasik
New colors - IGP
Product innovation - X-SHAPE pool rim
New – no more silicone sealant with roofing material
New - Casablanca infinity DB703 - anthracite
Updated construction preparations for swimming pools
Salt water chlorinator VA SALT SMART
Albixon days 2019 + news
New product materials
News – product photos and Warranty Claim Rules 2020
ALBIXON - 2021 portfolio changes
New building preparations
Sydney - rail extension
New chlorinators and heat pumps
Health protection of ALBIXON employees
Current situation overview
Availability of transformers
NEWS - pool stairs, instructions and technical documents
Utility model of QBIG BENEFIT pools, drawings, updates and instructions. Changes in the range.
Standardized pools, information window and new documents
Current price change
Sydney - exhausted production capacity 2020
Albixonportal - NEWS
Casablanca Infinity - fully occupied production capacities
Produce of covers by the end of year 2020
Sold out goods - RGB luminairies EZ011
Winterizing of the heat pump


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